Tel Rekhesh – 2009

Akio Tsukimoto, Hisao Kuwabara, Yitzhak Paz and Shuichi Hasegawa 01/05/2011 Preliminary Report During August 2009, the fifth season of excavation was conducted at Tel Rekhesh (License No. G-8/2009; map ref. 243776/728600). The excavation, undertaken on behalf of the Rikkyo and […]

The Tel Rekhesh Project 2009

The fifth season of excavations was carried out from 31 July to 31 August, 2009, directed by A. Tsukimoto (Rikkyo University, Japan) and co-directors, H. Kuwabara (Tenri University, Japan), Y. Paz (Beit Berl College, Israel) and N. Yamauchi (Tenri University […]

About excavation of 2010

This year, the excavation starts on August 1 and ends on August 28, 2010. We are getting ready now to make it significant investigation. Those who are interested in visiting our excavation are kindly asked to acknowledge us prior to […]

The Tel Rekhesh Project 2010

The sixth season of excavations was conducted between the 2-12 August 2010. The excavation, undertaken on behalf of the Japanese Expedition for the Archaeology of the Land of Israel and funded by was Grant-in-Aid for Scientific Research (A) (Subject No. […]

Tel Rekhesh – 2014

Shuichi Hasegawa, Hisao Kuwabara and Yitzhak Paz 09/02/2017 Preliminary Report In August 2014, the eighth season of excavations and restoration was conducted at Tel Rekhesh (License No. G-56/2014; map ref. 243776/728600). The excavation, undertaken on behalf of Tenri and Rikkyo […]

Publications 2007-2010

Preliminary Reports of Our Excavations (in chronological order) Paz, Y. and Kuwabara, H. 2007. The First Season of Excavations at Tel Rekhesh: The Preliminary Stage (15-27 March, 2006) – Excavation Results. Orient Express: Notes et Nouvelles d’Archéologie Orientale 2007–1/2: 17–25. […]

Related publications

Aharoni, Y. 1967. Anaharath. Journal of Near Eastern Studies 26. Gal, Z. 1981. Tel Rekhesh and Tel Qarnei Hittin. Eretz-Israel 15 (Hebrew). Gal, Z. 1982. The Settlement of Issachar: Some New Observations. Tel Aviv 9. Gal, Z. 1988. Shahal Tahtit […]